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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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business partner as her agency general counsel and steered a $43,000 contract to move the agency into the building and then lied about it. not so, says her lawyer. like she did not lie or obstruct in the investigation. she did not give preferential treatment to anyone. bythe chief judge appointed mayor adrian fenty was in the .attle royale >> we are calling on mayor gray to terminate this judge. she has to be taken out of the facility immediately. >> inspector general looked into allegations about the chief judge and drop the matter. the ethics board picked it up. in other words, they light.
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>> this is an outrage she would be in a d.c. building and tell charges have an answer. out, thoses comes who engage in backroom politics are going to be exposed. she will be vindicated. >> both of the boards are located in this building. walker's general counsel has not been fired even though they have 10 infractions against her. the trial in this case is late march.r be attorney for a james hyde said he doubts she can get it trial here.
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>> thank you. the other big story we are following tonight is the search for a killer in alexandria. helicopters circled the neighborhood for a second story -- growing concern over similar unsolved murders. closer to the house where this took place, that is the door where the man knocked. while they say there is no evidence to support it, they cannot describe the work of a serial killer, they did raise the possibility.
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>> we will not be the same without you. >> a man mock -- a man, described as older, opened fire. he injured a woman who cared for the family member, and shot and , a popularanne fixture of the neighborhood. >> i was stunned. >> no motive in connection between the shooter and victims. investigators are trying to determine whether the incident is related to two other killings. all within proximity. you should be cautious and take extra steps in terms of your awareness, and where you are.
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life here will be very different every >> it seemed familiar. it looked like he answered the door. this seems similar. >> moving forward, investigators will be interested in talking with the woman from this home who survived the shooting, trying to get what information they can about the suspect, and hopefully they can come up with a composite sketch of the suspect. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> flames ripped through an apartment building in columbia. the fire started around 2:00 this afternoon. this was the scene. crews battled the fire. paramedics took one person to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. you could season snowflakes
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across the area. doug hill joins us with a first look. >> here is the story. gaithersburg, 34. it is going to be cold overnight. 21-27. a nice february night. an area of low pressure will cross to our north. both have potential. -- ay be a little >> thank you. crews in maryland are cleaning up after the weeks ice storm. statewide, there are 15,000 customers without power.
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a similar picture in frederick county. bg&e hope to have power back on for everyone by the end of the season -- by the end of the ease and -- by the end of the evening. a flight through ukraine to turkey, investigators say a passenger claiming to have a flightmmanded the pilot to sochi. it landed in turkey with a fighter escort. nobody on board was hurt. , president obama starts changes to how your food is labeled.
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>> the secretary of homeland security says the syrian civil wars affect american security. jeh johnson today said the crisis in syria dominated the meeting with european security officials. the biggest concern is radicalized americans gaining and then using them to target the united states.
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>> dhs, fbi, and intelligence community will continue to work closely to it enough i those foreign fighters that represent a threat to the homeland. >> dozens of women and children were evacuated from neighborhoods and homes. that hase rare truces left 135,000 people dead. national malle today. the national park service says it was a planned event. one of our photojournalist captured video touching down at the mall. there it is in the background. a similar event is planned to coincide with a state dinner next week. she is not a race car driver, but today gabrielle giffords looks like one. this is for making several laps around a course in texas.
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it was the first time she had driven since the shooting that nearly took her life. that attack killed six people and wounded 13 others. she marked the third anniversary of the shooting by going skydiving. next, a show bipartisan cooperation. okay. let's train like it's race day. what's up ted?
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i think i forgot to pay a bill.
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yep, paid that one. what about your mortgage? yep, paid thatoo. alright we're good then. man i feel like i'm forgetting something. eh, it's probably nothing. you worry too much ted. alright, hammer down! bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. citi, with you every step of the way. >> president obama signed into law a bill that will have impact on every american. >> the first to notice the changes will be those who rely on food stamps. rebecca cooper is live with that and changes you will see at the grocery store. was a battle to get the
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bill passed. republicans declined the invitation to the bill signing. this was a bipartisan agreement. some are calling it are marketable to see congress and the white house coming together to get something done. today, president obama to lord a technology plant that turns crops into fuel. president obama admitted the bill is imperfect. not everything either side wanted. >> it is a sign democrats and republicans were able to break the cycle of shortsighted crisis driven partisan decision-making and actually get stuff done. >> the bill was passed in the senate tuesday by a vote of 68 to 32. >> maybe we are seeing the unraveling of gridlock that has locked down this body so we cannot seem to move on the most important an elementary ideas.
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>> there was criticism of foreign policy. >> farmers and ranchers produce the highest quality food supply in the world. >> many objected to the custom food stamp programs. the supporters say the bill does keep in place lower milk prices. the bill includes plenty of several -- m plenty of reforms. >> the biggest share of the farms bill will still go to food stamp programs. it helps feed 1-7 americans. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. what is this about snow?
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>> a little bit tomorrow. another storm system next wednesday night. >> how long? >> until it is done. schoolhington lee high weatherbug camera. a beautiful morning. a few high clouds during the day. temperatures into the lower 40's. a beautiful day. a cold and calm night. 44 is the official high temperature. one degree below average. 64 degrees in washington. 41. that is from the cold air coming in tonight. temperatures take a bit of a plunge. make this evening, we will
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the drop. by morning we will range between 21 and 27 degrees. look at air temperatures. eight above in detroit. 12 in indianapolis. 11 in chicago. that is how we will get from 41 into the lower 20's. that is pushing south to the gulf of mexico. there is only a weak system coming across the states. that is the reason why we do not have a dusting from system number one. it pushes to our southeast tomorrow. the dusting up to an inch at most. cloudy to start the day on saturday. that will sweep the country to our north. the futurecast captures this as well.
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approaching from the southwest. light snow accumulating. cloudy skies sunday. very light amounts. here is our express forecast. 33 at midday. 36 in the afternoon. that will come to an end on our seven day. monday and tuesday, quiet and cold. the last system, another chance for rain and snow. temperatures look like they will stay at or below average as we have through all of next week. >> now, the toyota sports desk. brought to you by toyota dealers. to stayizards helping below the 500 number. we have to watch the actual games leading up. once you get over 500, the work
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doesn't stop. they are doing everything to prove the benchmark wasn't a fluke. there is a resurgence of life under the leadership of their franchise. washington is showing an improved defense. randy wittman broke down to us how that is happening. >> we are getting more consistent in our defensive effort. >> you do not have a perfect game offensively if your defense is good. >> just ask the seahawks. five straight loss, they picked up two in a row.
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onir last road win came january 11 against butler. tipoff is at 1:00. the team talked about the importance of the next game and what they have learned from a rough start to the season. >> we learned losing stinks. it hurts. climbing out of that. not improve what we do. coming up with this deal, check out this highlight. . windmill jam that is sensational. the play of the day. just when you thought alex rodriguez would never back down from his claims of innocence,
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the yankee slugger has withdrawn his lawsuit against major league face-off. he will serve a season-long suspension. monthscision comes four after an arbitrator upheld the penalty handed down by baseball commissioner budelect -- news.r nears -- troy brouwer is there to do his thing. he responds against the jets. washington will play before the olympic break against the devils. , a nationals signed pitcher 2.9 e.r.a.. >> a-rod still climbing he didn't do it. >> with drawing.
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is going to happen, give it a read. i think we are safe with a light snow for the weekend. >> when doug sees his shadow, standby. world news coming up next. >> have a good evening. and when courtney is sick and e cold in her own home... it just breaks her mother's heart. courtney is winning her fight with leukemia, but her mother had to quit working, and the heating bills just keepiling up. my little pal, dylan, continues his fight against cancer, while his dad works two jobs to keep food in the fridge and oil in the tank. lyndsay's mother still struggles to keep the heat on,
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welcome to "world news." tonight, the breaking news. what we're learning about that air scare. the passenger on the plane, claiming to have a bomb, trying to hijack the plane to sochi. the helicopters patrolling the air space over the olympic stadium. abc's brian ross, right here. inside the theater, for the first time, the video. the confrontation in that movie
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theater. the young father texting, the 71-year-old retired police captain, picking the trigger. and tonight, how he explained himself, right after. strike three. the storm hitting this weekend in the east. how big will it be? while in the west tonight, where families have been warned about their vanishing water, finally, will this be enough? and our "persons of the week." can you guess? who were they screaming for, 50 years ago tonight. good evening on this friday night. diane has the evening off. and we begin with that scare unfolding today on board a major passenger plane. and it comes at a time of heightened alert already. as much of the world was watching this, the opening ceremonies at the olympics in sochi, the fireworks over that russian city, the choppers patrolling the air, we got word of this. that image, the passenger


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